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Lynne Duddy is in love with the music of Africa.

She plays Zimbabwean-style marimbas which were introduced in the 1960s to play interpretations of mbira dzavadzimu as well as nyunga nyunga and matepe music. Mbira

Lynne is also learning to master the mbira dzavadzimu, an instrument known as the "voice of the ancestors." The mbira is the national instrument of Zimbabwe and has been played by the Shona people of Zimbabwe for thousands of years. It is a traditional instrument used by storytellers.

                                       ... Lynne Duddy

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Mbira Masters Mbira Masters of Zimbabwe
Photograph by William Farrington
Beauler Dyoko & Cosmas Magaya

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Google Doodle 20May2020

Beauler Dyoko with Cosmas Magaya -- Rasai mapfumo

Mbira of Zimbabwe

Mbira musical instrument by Gift Mugwidi

Mbira Maestros

Building Strategy

Making Meaning

Creating Beauty


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